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Why should you market your business or profession on the World Wide Web?

Many people (professionals, educators, contractors, architects, students, home users) now typically have access to the Internet during at least part of the day.

It is a lot easier to quickly search for information (using the power of the World Wide Web search   engines) than flipping through newspapers, phone books or the yellow pages.

As a business or professional, marketing products or services, it is important for you to have a presence on the Web so that you will not be excluded from these first level inquires.

An Internet presence is a sign of being "current". 
"If they are not on the Web, maybe we should do business with someone who is."

Many business are publishing newsletters, brochures and flyers. These publications incur creation, printing, handling and mailing costs.  In contrast, publishing on the Internet generally requires only the creation aspect, where publishing to the World Wide Web is part of the creation function.  This can significantly reduce publishing costs.  We recommend that you use the Web to provide important, up-to-date information to your clients and customers to both educate and inform.

On the Web, as quickly as you can create it, you can "print" or publish it......

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