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We can provide a plethora of services --- lots!

Web site design
We can build you a spiffy site for a buck 380!!   Well, --- really, we'll do a very cool two page site, including 3 months of hosting your site on our servers for $289.  More extensive sites are developed with close client involvement.

Domain name registration
Most companies are finding it important to have a "signature" on the Internet.  For example, how do you answer your phone...?    "...hello,  My auto shop, can I help you?"  ......it sounds like it might be important for your Internet name to be "www.myautoshop.com", if that name is available.   We can research and secure a name that is meaningful to your business image.

Lobster Boat in Pepperell Cove, Kittery Point, Maine .....a day off..
- a pastel, reduced in color depth

Web hosting
We provide site hosting and Search engine submission/optimization for sites that we develop.

Kiosk implementation
Companies and organizations are finding that information Kiosks are becoming a popular way for providing information to visitors and customers.   Museums, airports and malls are typical examples.  We can provide services to design and implement an appropriate Kiosk solution for your business.  Project specific rates apply.

      ....Someday my Prince will come....
-  Wentworth hotel awaits a buyer - scaled sepia
 Wentworth by the Sea, Newcastle, New Hampshire

Multimedia publishing
Your company information or marketing plan can be put on a floppy disk or CD for providing your customers with a colorful and contemporary means of learning about your firm's products or services.  Project specific rates apply.

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